Voluntary Misogyny

This is a little something in the spirit of of the 5 min breakers… It’s a 5 min misogynistic fix for all the weak and helpless little girls out there. If you want to be put in your place fast – this is the file to go to.

And yet it comes with a little twist. It’s voluntary misogyny. You should know I don’t believe in women being in any way weaker, less capable, … than men. Not at all. And yet… there are some little girls who – even though they’re strong and self determined in everyday life – need to be put in their place every now and then. Need to be told that they’re just helpless little girls who need a man to to think for them, to decide for them, and to tell them what to do.

You might want the privacy to touch yourself to this one. You might need it. Then again – this might also be an interesting one for public squirming while trying to keep up the facade of the strong and independent woman?

Have fun, little girl.

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