The Trap

This is a commissioned fantasy that has been made available to everyone. It plays in a world controlled by women.

You will be seduced, then castrated and thus turned into a thrall by a headhunter. This is an extreme fantasy, don’t listen if you’re unsure this might be for you. If in doubt, read the history below to understand the world in which this fantasy plays.

In order to understand the world this fantasy plays in, please read the history below. The short form is that women have all power, and some men are thralls (slaves), but most men are free and don’t think about it a lot. And there are some women who turn men into thralls, which is illegal, but there isn’t a lot you can do about it. If you fully want to enjoy the fantasy, read the history below.

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The history for this fantasy:

This is the background for this fantasy. It was writte by Martin FM who commissioned the file.

Note: This is NOT written by me, and it’s NOT an invitation for political discussion, but the background for an erotic fantasy. I will delete all political and or gender discussion comments.

The feminist revolution

The past century has seen devastating wars and great environmental destruction. There were great economic and political crises. Whenever there was a big crisis, some group, sometimes a small splinter faction at first (like with the communists, but initially also the Nazis) got into power and consolidated that power. Basic political theory. Many of the great ideologies of the previous century have failed, and many feel there is little new to believe in. However, one great ideology has remained with us: feminism. The first wave of feminism was already in the late 19th and early 20th century, when women received both active and passive voting rights. With the introduction of the contraceptive pill and increased female labor market participation in the 50s and 60s came the second wave of feminism, which lasted until the ‘80s. There was increased pressure for further feminization, but this was initially ignored by the powerful ‘old boys networks’ of male white bankers and politicians. However, with the oil crisis of the 80s, and then great economic crisis of the 90s, the unnecessary first gulf war, ethnic cleansing in the Balkan, and more, came an increase in general protests. In our world, politicians were able to quell the crying masses and remain in power (leading later to the unnecessary invasion of Iraq, a new banking crisis, and more). However, in Femdom earth, that didn’t happen: the protests became more violent, occurred in multiple Western countries (and even some areas of South America and Asia). Radical ideologies gained more traction, including radical feminism, and one very powerful message was as follows: men have ruled over society for millennia, and look how far it has brought us. They care only for war making, profit and power, at the cost of the environment and over the back of the very people they swore to protect. It is time to give women a chance, to cause real political change. The feminist parties did not only have a strong feminist message (which, actually, was already supported by a large majority of men and women) but also other things that people cared for, such as a strong ideas of economic equality, racial equality, and environmental message. For many of those ideas, there were actually few other viable alternatives. The traditional left and right wing parties were painted as having had their chance and failed. So these groups gained a lot of support. The exact specifics differ by country: in countries with much support, already in the late 90s there were feminist majority parties voted into power. In some more unstable countries, small radical factions without much support got into power through coups, but then consolidated that power. In some monarchical countries, kings (and even queens) got deposed and became republics. There was much general elation: something was finally happening! The 20th century will forever be known as the century of the feminist revolution.


Once into power, most feminist governments proceeded in a similar manner: rapid and steady power consolidation. They were aware that they got into power through the whims of voters, and didn’t want to lose it in the same way. Already in 2001, just after the terrorist attacks, the republican president Laura Welch of the United States implemented the Patriot Act. This act included, among others, persecution of ‘female unfriendly ideologies’ (including various religious groups), increased foreign and domestic surveillance, and included a temporary a by-law which removed passive voting rights for men. This by-law caused much consternation: it meant that men could still vote, but no longer be political representatives. Nevertheless, it was pushed through, for one because it was seen as fixing a temporary crisis; the by-law would only be in effect for 10 years. However, 10 years later, the law was renewed indefinitely without any opposition or much media attention by single-mother and popular democratic president Michelle Robinson. Afghanistan was also still invaded shortly after 2001, given that the Taliban were extremely female unfriendly. The invasion was a large success. However, insurgency took place. The response, however, was vastly different than in our world: captured Taliban men were castrated. Women in Afghanistan were re-schooled in an expensive program. This caused much consternation, especially in the Arab world, and nearly led to a war with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, but Robinson succeeded in keeping the peace. In the long term, this proved to be an extremely effective policy. Few men dared to rise up, and stability came about. Young boys and girls grew up in that country not knowing any better than that girls deserve schooling and boys should work the field. The country is now a shining beacon of Western feminist ideology for the Middle East, and actively exporting feminist ideology to neighboring countries (later resulting in the ‘Arab Spring’). In many ways, the culture of that country got turned around; women rule and men follow. It is as if such countries could not understand a policy of moderation. Nevertheless, given this precedent, Israel controversially started applying a similar policy to Palestinian insurgents in the Gaza strip and the East Bank. Men in Western countries were initially very skeptical of these policies, but they weren’t the ones being castrated… so they didn’t rise up. However, given the success of these policies in foreign countries, it wasn’t long before there was advocacy for similar implementations to resolve internal problems. Debaters could use facts to back up their arguments, and so criticism was quelled. Some debaters even advocated an entirely Afghan approach. Already in 2006, many countries adopted the ‘zero tolerance’ policy: men involved in violent crimes, rape, etc. were castrated. Initially, the loss of ‘drive’ of these men (caused by castration) in their personal lives was seen as a small but irrelevant problem. However, in 2007-2009, with the new economic crisis, politicians realized untapped economic potential and started using these men as forced labor through (in the US) the ‘True Purpose’ program. Equal rights activists were outraged, but violent protest was hardly an option anymore: protesting men were castrated, and insurgent women received re-education. Those groups have now gone underground. More laws were passed over time (Michelle had been elected on the strong feminist message of ‘Change’, and she made her promises come true), further compounding this scenario. Michelle was largely popular, though was not afraid of taking unpopular measures. For one, she refused to close ‘Guantanamo Bay’, a secure facility in Cuba in which so-called ‘Afghan practices’ were rumored to be honed and experimented with, including methods of hypnosis, Pavlovian conditioning, extreme stress situation simulation, the use of electrical collars to force obedience, and there was even the rather laughable rumor of men being forced to become pregnant through ‘biomedical hocus pocus’ (as the pundits called it). In fact, it was later found out that she had opened more such black sites in Europe, and intelligence services in European countries were found to collude with those of the United States on these issues. As with previous such news, there was some outrage but it was quickly ‘forgotten’. The men who made this information public, Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, attempted to escape but when they were found out, but were later caught and stood trial behind closed doors. They went through a re-education program. It is said that Bradley Manning now prefers to be known as Chelsea, but she is still behind bars. The status of Snowden is unknown. In 2010, collaring proved not to be a rumor, and was widely implemented for men in forced labor programs. The use of collaring has since spread drastically. See also the later section on current laws and practices.


In many ways, Europe was socially ahead of the United States, but was (initially) less quick to implement draconian laws. Sweden led the way: shortly after the US implemented its Patriot Act, the country implemented not only the removal of passive voting rights for men, but also active voting rights. This required constitutional amendments, and so was thought to be initially impossible as it required 75% majority, whereas two new feminist parties together had 62%. However, through political pact making, and the fact that traditional parties contained feminist-sympathetic members, an exact 75% majority was reached. As per their laws, the constitution was amended, government dissolved and new elections held. The ruling feminist parties reached 87% majority. Sweden was quick to implement more laws, in great speed going far beyond the US in draconian implementation. While initially looked at skeptically, eventually Sweden became seen as a ‘shining beacon’ leading the way. In other Western countries, so-called ‘Swedish Way’ parties became popular. Such parties were sometimes also termed ‘Pirate Parties’, as their methods, often strongly internet-based and including pirating of digital materials, had been illegal in the early 90s.

Russia was also a major exporter of feminist ideology. In the 90s, the drunkard Boris Yeltsin was a major symbol of everything that was wrong with male rule. In the 1999, radical feminists had stolen digital documents including the names of all FSB operatives in the country. They found evidence that these operatives intended to strengthen oligarchical rule, using FSB power structures. A bloody coup took place, killing many powerful men with intelligence service, military and oil industry connections. This caused great economic distress for Russia. In order to avert the attention of the population away from this economic distress, the new feminist Russia engineered a number of wars with bordering countries: Georgia was first to be attacked for failing to implement feminist policy (and a feminist-friendly government installed). By 2015, a similar war was engineered in Ukraine, where pro-feminist militias such as FEMEN were funded and even strengthened by sending Russian soldiers pretending to be Ukrainian. Eventually, when the country was sufficiently weakened, an all-out Russian invasion took place. Without European Union support (as those countries were focused inward, busy with implementing their own feminist policies), Ukraine quickly fell. In fact, it is said that the Russian president purposely sends generals with anti-feminist sentiment to dangerous battlegrounds, so that she can get rid of them. Rumor has it that Russia is not finished with its warring ways, but NATO is unwilling to oppose Russia given sympathetic views on women´s rights. There has even been talk of including Russia in NATO in order to pre-empt Chinese aggression (see status of China, below).

The situation and current practices in 2016

The world at large

The implementation of similar policies in continental European countries and British Isles has gone similarly, with some countries going ahead quickly and others more slowly. The exact laws in each country therefore differ, and are sometimes even at odds with one another (for example; in most nations, castrated men are automatically considered slaves (AKA ‘thralls’) by the law. In Belgium and Switzerland, however, men can only gain voting rights through castration as it is believed that eunuchs have shed their ‘male thought’, and in these countries collared men are therefore usually kept uncastrated). There is talk at the European Union level to try and standardize laws, but these talks are currently in a dead-lock. Nevertheless, below there is a broad overview of the current situation and practices in Europe. The situation is very similar in South America (actually more advanced in countries with a communist history such as Venezuela and Uruguay), somewhat similar in North America, and there are strong influences on practices in Vietnam, Thailand, Korea and Japan. China had an iron grip on its population (and a large excess of males due to the one-child policy) and therefore wholly prevented a feminist revolution. There has been increased tension with China (especially during the Summer Olympic Games of 2008), even talk of sanctions to cause political change, but this was mostly ignored by world leaders given the huge economic influence of the ‘factory of the world’.

Schools, history and economics

In Femdom Europe, many things are similar to how they are in our world. Both boys and girls go to school until they reach age 16-18, and can pursue higher education at universities and elsewhere. They are subjected to largely the same curriculum as us, though it has become more female friendly, and history is revisionist; the female revolution is considered a great advancement, preventing further World Wars. Women scientists like Rosalind Franklin get much more attention than male counterparts such as Watson & Crick, and Grace Hopper more attention than Charles Babbage. Though such men are also named, of course. Men are depicted as being similar to women, but somewhat inferior; their sex drives make them less rational, their minds less emphatic. History is regarded as a lesson for why women should rule. Many men have accepted these ideas, though there is a good degree of skepticism as well. However, a bit of skepticism is no threat to the now strongly embedded feminist parties. It is due to the inferior qualities of men that they are not allowed to vote at all (some countries entirely) or not allowed to be voted for (but can still vote for women; this is the case in some more moderate countries). Despite economic crises, there is a general stability, and Femdom Europe is actually somewhat more economically prosperous than our Europe. For this same reason, it is generally accepted that 5 to 10% of men should be enslaved; the reasoning is that this prevents uprising, as the more extreme elements in society are weeded out and in fact become part of ‘good team’, thereby further strengthening it. As described earlier, castration is performed on men with a record of violence, rape, or masculinist activity. In some countries, accusation of rape is sometimes enough (e.g. in Sweden, where the castration date is sometimes set before the court date; men who are found innocent at court will receive some monetary compensation, but now have the status of a eunuch regardless; there has been little effort to fix this loophole. In fact, currently, due to property law, even the monetary compensation will now go to their ‘owner’, which is often the person who accused the man of rape).

In many schools, many girls and boys encounter the Four Facts of Female Superiority (and thralls are expected to know them by heart):
1) Women are superior intellectually and emotionally, as the female brain matures earlier and the male sex drive leads to irrational thoughts, competition and ultimately bloodshed.
2) Women are superior physically, as evidenced by their biologically longer life expectancy and the ability to give birth and nurture life.
3) Women are superior aesthetically; men themselves will admit this.
4) Women are superior legally and socially, as enshrined in the constitution.

Variations on these facts exist by country.


The thrall quota

In practice, only 2-5% of thralls are actual offenders (or those accused of offense), so in some countries additional methods have been implemented to increase slave percentages. Most countries allow voluntary slavery, but only a small percentage of men goes along with this. Apart from that, rules vary wildly. Some countries have a random draw from the male population; the highest probability for selection is for males who just finished education, and the probabilities for being drawn become less with age (with virtually 0% probability of being drawn above age 30, as slaves are ideally trained when in their prime). Other countries have a nomination system; women can once or twice a year anonymously vote for men that they believe would ‘benefit’ from castration. Given a quota, men are then drawn from this pool based on their ranking. Ranking may take into account other considerations as well, such as the social status of the man (What type of employment? Does he have a girlfriend? Have brothers previously been randomly selected? etc.). Some countries have in-between systems. As men have been known to disappear when called into a clinic, most men are now required to go through ‘physical examinations’ once yearly, and only there do they found out if they drew the short straw. Given the low probability of being selected, men tend to show up for such screenings. Other rules also exist; some countries have tiered systems. For example, a system where level 0 men are free, level 1 men are ‘owned’ by a woman (formally a type of legal guardianship); their income go to her and/or she makes legal decisions, and in some cases chastity devices may be implemented for extra control. At level 2, more invasive practices take place (e.g. enforced nudity, collaring). At the highest level, men become mindless drones. In countries with tiered systems, level 1 can be seen as a substitute for marriage (or follows marriage / long period of living together, as a natural ‘progression’). In this way, while men may still need to give their permission to increase a level (unless they incur some penalty) men are eased into becoming full slaves. Some programs exist in which men can be temporary slaves, e.g. as a type of social service alternative to conscription; the hope is that they will remain in that level (e.g. through sufficient brainwashing), but they can choose to return to their free status after some weeks have gone by. In general, however, you can only go ‘up’ a level, and not down.
It is expected that in the future, there will be more standardization between countries, as, for example, a castrated Belgian (with voting rights) can now get into real problems if he moves into the Netherlands (where castrates are treated harshly) without a female companion. Similarly, men are sometimes lured into countries with a more harsh slavery policy, transformed there, and then taken back to their home country as exclusive slaves (a type of ‘border tourism’, almost).

Control of thralls: bodies and behaviour

In countries with binary Thrallhood (slave / not slave), the thralls tend to be free in their thinking, but are physically controlled. Generally, they wear a shock collar and are required to be nude; castration may also be a part of this package. In general, thralls are only expected to talk when spoken to, are only allowed to look a woman into the eye briefly (to acknowledge her presence) but not for more than a few seconds (when the eyes should be directed elsewhere; e.g. at the ground, a screen, her body, etc.). They are allowed to look non-thrall men (freemen) in the eyes, but training commonly causes them to also avert their eyes away from men. If a thrall does not adhere to these rules, he is shocked. If a thrall makes a mistake, he is also commonly shocked. The exact pain levels of the shock can be set by a woman with a remote. A collar is usually controlled by a specific remote, owned by the primary owner (‘guardian’), but can be set to be controlled by more remotes or even have a ‘global usage’. For example, if a woman is at a bar and has no direct usage for the slave, she may open up the collar to temporary ‘global usage’ as a courtesy to others present there, so that all women with remotes can order the slave around. Collars generally have GPS, and can even have a recall button (which, through minor directed tremors in the collar, indicates to the slave in which direction he has to walk in order to return to his owner). Nudity for slaves is largely meant to remind these men that they are equal to animals, but is also a form of control (they cannot hide anything on their person). While this practice stems from warmer countries (e.g. Spain), it has been adopted in colder countries (e.g. Sweden) after the invention of a resin that can be absorbed into the skin and makes the skin more cold-resistant. This resin has a permanent effect on cold resistance, and permanently damages the health of the slave (especially through increases in liver toxicity). Such a treated slave will have a strongly reduced life expectancy (e.g. not being able to live beyond 40 or 50), but this is considered irrelevant. Treated skin looks roughly similar to untreated skin, except to the trained eye. The only exception being that treated skin does not grow any body hair (head hair unaffected). However, it is common practice for thralls to shave all body hair for hygienic purposes anyway. The actual application of the resin is commonly through a resin bath of 30 minutes, but quick injection into the skin is being engineered. Similarly, resins that are only absorbed by male skin are also being engineered.
In countries with a tiered system, a level 2 slave is commonly equal to a thrall in other countries in terms of rights. Naked slaves are not allowed to sit on furniture; having to stand or kneel instead. In some places, special seating for slaves is present. Similarly, bathrooms for thralls (of which there are always a lot less than for men and women) do not contain a seated toilet, instead being similar to a squat toilet. If a bathroom is not present, either the men’s room can be used, or some places require defecation outside (and a plastic bag for the excrement to be put in a bin is required, which may have to be asked from the owner or others, similar to how this is done with dogs). Food is similarly commonly served on the floor in a bowl, comes out of a can, and to be eaten with the mouth alone. If the thrall is lucky, and has a nice owner, he may still end up having normal dinner and use utensils.

While male nudity is used as a humiliation, female nudity is common in some countries, and potentially even encouraged; the idea is to de-sexualize the female body, and to show off their superiority (see female superiority facts 2 and 3). Of course, in practice, it may just serve to make men (and uncastrated thralls) horny, but perhaps that is also a form of social control…

Next to castration (common), other modifications can be made to thralls. Nose rings are common for practical purposes (e.g. to tie a rope through). Tattoos or branding with ownership information (or otherwise) are also common on forehead and buttocks. In Japan, full body tattoos are considered an art form; thralls becoming living pieces of art. Some practices are done for humiliation purposes primarily, such as penis size reduction and/or some surgical procedure that prevents erection (especially if castration is not applied, since otherwise the penis will shrink as the penis will become erect less often due to hormone changes). Vocal cord removal and entire penis removal is allowed in some countries, but remains controversial. Removed penises are commonly discarded, but like testicles are occasionally re-used; e.g. as exotic food items in an exclusive dinner club, or as decoration (a personal favorite is the flaccid penis at the bottom of an expensive tequila bottle, replacing the traditional silk worm). Castrated thralls that grow breasts due to hormone changes commonly have their breasts removed (as they are not allowed to look like women), with exception when the thrall is used for nursing a baby (may require some more physical changes, such as lactation hormones). It should be said at this point, that freemen can become feminized; in fact, some governments encourage this. If a man can prove that he is a ‘woman in a man’s body’, he is allowed to transition. However, this is a process with much scrutiny, with tests to ensure that the man truly has a ‘feminine basis’ and that his transition is completed (e.g. she meets satisfactory mental and physical criteria for womanhood). The reason for this is simple: transitioned women have full rights in Femdom Europe, and so transitioning could be used as a method for upward social mobility. Given, of course, that some men become slaves (5 to 10%) and others become women (maybe 2%), the resulting scarcity of men results in an increase of lesbian relationships.

If a man becomes a thrall, there are various rules that determine ownership (depending on how it happened). Often, the Closest Female Companion (CFC) is chosen. For example, a wife, a girlfriend, etc. When there is no administrative record (such as with girlfriends), just showing sufficient evidence (e.g. photo’s over a longer time period) can be enough. If such a companion cannot be established, sometimes the company the thrall work(ed) for can become an owner. In the event of doubt, the government gains the slave and then finds a suitable owner. The desires of the man in question are ignored.

Social responses to Thralls and Thrallhood

Remember that when reading the above, slaves constitute only 5 to 10% (at the moment) of the male population; most relationships between men and women in Femdom earth are therefore ‘normal’; similar to our world. Men usually don’t worry about being castrated, except when they get an invitation to the clinic (kinda like fear of the dentist, but a bit worse and more real). Despite this ‘small’ percentage (still fairly considerable), thralls are a common sight in urban settings. Most men and women do not look up strangely from a guy walking around naked with a collar on his neck. Slaves are commonly ignored by all, becoming almost invisible socially (after a while, even by people who used to know them). The exception can be that of a freshly made thrall: in his first weeks, he may encounter women who he used to know. Such encounters can vary wildly; some may walk up to the thrall and express surprise that he is thralled, even ask about the new experience or what led up to it. Ex-girlfriends may throw some mocking amused looks in the direction of the thrall if the break-up went bad, or sympathetic looks if they remained friends. Such encounters can be difficult for a fresh thrall, who will have to adhere to the new social rules of conduct (unless no owner is around, and the person he encounters has no remote, or doesn’t want to use the remote), and may feel humiliated. In general, because of state propaganda, women approve of men being enthralled, seeing it as a positive influence on the life of the man, and frequently find it amusing (even when it happens to men they used to like; it won’t happen to too many of their male friends, and they think that the ones whom it happens to shouldn’t whine, since women have been oppressed for millennia, and they believe the man will come to learn that it is indeed a positive experience over time). Freemen generally ignore thralls, perhaps especially if they used to know them. It is, for obvious reasons, not a pleasant subject for them and they’d prefer to avoid it.
The word of a thrall is generally considered irrelevant; carrying about the same weight (or less) as the voice of a child would. This means thralls can easily be accused of something they didn’t do. For this reason, owners who frequently leave their thrall to go on errands may attach small cameras to their thrall’s collar. There is one exception when a thrall is not socially ignored: if some accident happens, thralls are sometimes the first ones who are blamed and/or have to clean up the mess. For example, a thrall who is on an errand to pick up something from the supermarket, and someone spills something in an aisle, may be accused of causing the spill and will have to clean it up (even if service staff saw what really happened). It is also not uncommon for a thrall at the back of a queue to have women cut in line in front of him, but this happens less when a freeman (or woman) is behind the thrall (as it would entail also cutting in front of someone who does have rights). In this way, small chores can occasionally become frustrating endeavors (the castration helps deal with the frustration of course).

Thralls generally serve as personal assistants to their owners (taking on household tasks), or have manual labour, back-office and support functions, so that they don’t encounter customers directly (who can abuse them). A working thrall (away from his owner) is expected to have a female supervisor, who may have high-level (but usually not highest-level) access to his collar, though this is not a hard rule. The main reason for this is that men are not allowed to operate collar remotes. Of course, men controlling remotes may incidentally happen, but can (in theory) be punished. Many remotes have extra levels of security, such as finger print authentication. Collars, when put on, are semi-permanent: they can only be removed at specific clinics (e.g. for repair or updates); pretending to be a thrall by wearing a (usually rigged, or maybe a fake) collar is punishable, usually by thrallhood itself. Registration of slaves is a requirement. Slaves lose their surname. They are therefore re-named upon registration, commonly taking on their own first name (or in some cases a new slave name) and then the full name of their owner. E.g. a slave named John Smith, who ends up becoming owned by Jessica Taylor, may become John Jessica Taylor, thereby helping in identifying ownership. Collars themselves also usually include ownership identifying information as well (which can help when paying at a store, for example; the collar just has to be scanned so that money does not have to be carried). Thralls are not commonly used in ‘martial’ functions (e.g. where they may handle weapons), as this is considered dangerous, but exceptions exist.

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