The Itch

This is a tease file. A masturbation file. But it works if you’re in chastity too.

It’s also a bit of a trap.

This is the itch.

Because you will have an itch to scratch. You want to touch yourself. But every time you do it will get worse. Once you stop the itch is back worse and you need to scratch it again.

Don’t worry, if you stop scratching it for a few hours it will slowly fade away. But will you manage?

And well, if you’re in chastity, you can tease your cage or your front shield while everybody else has permission to touch. You will just feel a worse itch. Same effects, none of the relief. Not gonna sugarcoat this, you will suffer. But I guess you’re in chastity for a reason, right?

So.. what will you do when you feel the itch?

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  1. Newbie76
    Newbie76 says:

    Wow i got a lil interupted by the end listened once and i will definitly listen to whole thing again was very aroused almost touched my self but i dont think i woulda been able to hold off if i hadnt got interupted also listened to an edge recording this morning early


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