The Callboy and the beta girl

This is a little fantasy file for worthless unfuckable little beta girls.

In this little fantasy you order yourself a Callboy to finally lose your virginity. And because you really want to treat yourself, you order yourself a real Alpha man.

It’s good to have an Alpha wanting you, isn’t it little girl? To feel like a real woman for a change. But as soon as you’re naked, I naturally recognize you as the little unfuckable beta girl you are. You don’t really expect me to fuck that unfuckable cunt, do you? Fuck you little beta girl. I’m never gonna fuck you.

And yet you paid for the evening. So instead you get put in your place by an Alpha, learning your place as a little beta girl.

This is an interactive fantasy. There is no formal induction, instead you’re encouraged to participate in the fantasy, follow it along in real life while you’re lost in your place as a little beta girl.

Warning: This is very evil. You will feel really pathetic and like an unfuckable little beta girl. Listen at your own risk.

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  1. pathetic beta girl
    pathetic beta girl says:

    Wow. That was intense.

    When you suddenly switched tones i felt so humiliated and ashamed. I cried from the shame because i knew it was true. And yet when you told me to kneel and touch myself i was dripping wet. The rest of the file was a blur. I was obeying, crying, repeating, and stroking myself into a frenzy. It felt so shameful. And it felt like a revelation. I was kneeling on the bed but after you blessed me with your Alpha cum (thank you for taking pity on a pathetic little beta girl Sir) I had to crawl down to the floor. I stayed there for a long time after the file was over, rubbing my pathetic little clitty and wallowing in worthlessness.

    Thank you for showing me what i am Sir.

    P.S. I would totally pay you to do that to me.

  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    This one isn’t my gender, but I just came to a recent file to say that bearer of shame (my personal favorite) seems to be in popular demand. We’re all waiting for the continuation of this fantastic series. Thanks, sir. You are very creative. 🙂


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