Surrender your Orgasms

This is a pretty evil file that will make you give the control over your orgasms to your dominant, so that you will only be able to have an orgasm if they give you permission.

It’s more restrictive than anything I created before, and has three layers that keep you from having any orgasm without permission. Whenever you have permission, you will find that your orgasms will become stronger and grow in intensity with every orgasm you are permitted to have.

You will also feel more satisfied after each orgasm, but will be back to being helplessly aroused faster with every single one. You will also become more sensitive, quickly bringing you to the point where every touch brings you near orgasmic pleasure. There is of course a safety, whenever you have to function (work, being with people, doing tasks) the pleasure will recede to the back of your mind, but when you can indulge in it, it will be back with a vengeance.

And to top it all off, you won’t be able to ask your dominant for an orgasm or beg for it, so you don’t pester them and leave the decision only to them.

WARNING: This is a curse. The only way out of this is if either your dominant releases you, abuses the power they have over you, or you end the relationship. Otherwise you will only have orgasms when your dominant allows you to have one, without any way out, and always aroused. Don’t listen unless you absolutely sure you want to give the control over your orgasms to your dominant.

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  1. Rupert
    Rupert says:

    I started using this file about a week and a half ago, daily… I now simply cannot bring myself to orgasm without permission from Sir. There was 1 occasion where my body ended up getting overloaded, and I had a purely physical orgasm, there was this red light and pain in my head even for a while after. This works really well! Thank you ViVe!

  2. ambre
    ambre says:

    it’s really working, after regular daily listenning!
    a work on frustration is being done on me,et this one is perfect to achieve the purpose of intense frustration!
    it give me the feeling that i can’t have orgasm whatever i do to have one, i had only once ok to orgasm et this was very intense, and this was many weeks ago!
    he challenges me with ordered masturbation but without orgasm at the end… and i win the challenge! and really improv frustration!
    thank’s for this one!


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