Senses is a little evil experiment.

In this recording i talk a little bit about how our senses work. And then i turn all your erogenous zones to being permanently sexual.

Just imagine it. Any touch at any erogenous zone will arouse you. Even just having constant contact with something. And it won’t stop. And it doesn’t matter what it is either. Even just the touch of clothes will make you horny.

What is this going to do to you? Well, that’s the experiment, isn’t it? I’m pretty certain – depending on what genitals you have – that there’s a high risk you end up either permawet or permahard. But that’s a risk worth taking for science, isn’t it?

But that’s not all. Imagine you’re walking somewhere, and every single touch of your clothes on every single erogenous zone arouses you. And you can’t turn it off anymore. Will you end up in a permanent state of arousal? Maybe.

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You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

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