Pacified Induction

Pacified Induction

This is a little experimental pacifier induction.

The name “pacifier” doesn’t come from nothing. When you suckle on one, it literally pacifies your mind. You release all these nice hormones.

And yet as adult we have learned to stay “on task” and deny our self these kinds of pleasure.

But what if you instead fully enjoy it? Allow the pacifier to pacify your mind. To calm and relax it. And you just really focus on it and enjoy it?

That’s the pacified induction.

This is the empty version. It has an awakener at the end. You naturally need a pacifier (or substitute) you can suckle on to listen to this file.

Listen to this Hypnosis for free now!

You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

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  1. Kyle R
    Kyle R says:

    A really great induction, the interactivity made it super effective and I absolutely did wake up feeling much more relaxed and refreshed. The rhythm of suckling on a pacifier really makes a huge difference, this might be one of my favorite inductions ever.

    The potential of this recording is amazing, on top of being used just for relaxation properties it feels like it could also be the perfect induction for a more evil sexually-charged body (like a little girl/boy file) so please don’t be afraid to experiment with that Vive! ♥

  2. Noah R Merideth
    Noah R Merideth says:

    Absolutely amazing. I love my paci and using for hypnosis is awesome. I do wish it was a minute or two longer. I hope this means we will be seeing more little/ab/dl content.

  3. princess sissy
    princess sissy says:

    quite an interesting file. sissy did slip into a deep trance several times, each one maybe a minute each. sissy finds that if she concentrates on your voice she will slip into one without being aware of it. sissy has to train more to allow sissy the full effects. thank you.


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