Misogyny IV

Misogyny 4 is the fourth part of the Misogyny series.

You still come crawling back for more abuse and humiliation little girl? I guess you just can’t get enough of being shown your true place…

Of course I still don’t believe your gender or genitals say anything about you. This is a fantasy and an experience and I’m playing a role (which sometimes feels strange). That being said, I get incredibly encouraging feedback, and so here is part four.

It’s time again to leave your strong and independent femininity behind you and just be a weak little girl in a world full of strong and superior men. This time it’s all about really feeling and experiencing your own inferiority fully for the first time.

It’s also a bit more interactive in it’s nature. You will actually obey me. And you will have a triggered orgasm for me – unless you are denied right now, in that case you will just get more frustrated.

Are you ready for this journey little girl? Preheat your room, because we will start by exposing your body just like we did the last time. And yet it will be a bit more intense. And then we will slowly expose your mind to me, and finally your inner self. You will completely surrender. And once you’re down I will show you why you have all these dirty desires, little girl. I will show you the true inferiority that drives you to surrender. And then I’m going to toy with you, little girl. Get ready for a strong man taking complete control over your pleasure.

Warning:This file is designed to make you feel humiliated and worthless. It will temporary turn you into a weak and helpless little girl. You feel utterly humiliated and controlled. It will make you feel incredibly inferior. It is very intense and extreme. Only listen after you have listened to and enjoyed MisogynyMisogyny 2, and Misogyny 3. You have been warned.

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