Inequal and Less Than

“≠ + <”

Inequal and less than.

This is a little temporary humiliation curse. Draw “≠ + <” onto your skin and listen to the recording. And as long as the “≠ + <” is on your skin, you will know what it means.

That you are inequal and less than. And you have marked yourself as such. Accepted that as long as you’re marked with these symbols you are not equal. You are less than anybody else. Such a simple and elegance truth conveyed in three simple symbols “≠ + <” .

It’s not doing anything else. It will simply remind you that you are not equal and less than. It will be a simple but fundamental truth in your mind. A simple fact. You are ≠ + <. You are inferior.

You can redraw those symbols. As soon as they fade all the effects will fade from your mind too.

WARNING: As long as those symbols are on your skin you will feel inferor. Be careful with this.

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