Gamer Files: Healslut

This file will give you the desire to become a healslut.

It gives you a stong desire to play healer characters, and makes it harder to play anything else whenever the game features healers. As a good healslut you will work hard to keep the health of your team up, yet never expect any reward or glory. Playing a healer and healing other players will give you a lot of arousal and put you into a deep subspace, also making it easier to focus on the game and be a better healslut.

You will also learn to be very modest, as a healslut you don’t play for kills or glory. If your team wins you will congratulate them, denying your part in it. On the other hand if your team loses, you will freely take the blame. And even if the blame is unfair, it will simply arouse you.

It will also give you a desire to ask your team to only call you “healslut” instead of your name.

READ THIS: This is a curse. Be sure you really want to become a healslut. This will have permanent effects on your gameplay. Listen at your own risk.

This is the fifth part of the Gamer Files Series. Part 1 – FPSPart 2 – Portal; Part 3-LoL; Part 4 – Game Over

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