This is an evil little fantasy.
This will give you a trigger.
This is brainwashing.
This is an experience.

In this file you will be captured by me and become my little guinea pig. And I will brainwash you into the perfect fuckmonkey, a mindless animal in heat. I’m going to slowly destroy most of your brain, leaving only your sexdrive and turning it up to infinity. And then we’re going to imprint you on my cock. All you will know is heat and need, mindless desire free of any shame or guilt or other human constructs. Just the exited, happy, horny energy of a mindless fuckmonkey in heat and free of any restrictions.

And then we take this experience and use it to create a trigger only you can use on yourself. Just say the name of the person(s) you want to imprint on out loud followed three times by “I’m a fuckmonkey”, and you will be this brainwashed fuckmonkey in heat again. All there will be for you until they are satisfied will be heat and need and mindless lust. You will be reduced to a mindless fuckmonkey again. Of course there are safeties to protect you from real any harm.

Because this is an extreme experience you might still have the fuckmonkey identity in the back of your mind for the rest of your day. You will be able to function if you must, but you will be very horny and desire to pleasure yourself or have sex and let relive the fantasy in your mind.

This file is extreme. You’re going to be brainwashed. Your old identity is destroyed and you will be turned into this mindless fuckmonkey in heat. You will be back to yourself in the end, but it’s an intense trip. You will be horny for the rest of the day. You have been warned.

While this file is gender neutral as far as the listener is concerned, you will be imprinted on my cock in this fantasy. While the trigger is gender neutral too, there is a clear emphasis on being fucked, being used, and being acted upon. A fuckmonkey doesn’t fuck, they want to be fucked, and so you will most likely crave a cock so you can be properly fucked (and yet – no one said it can’t be a rubber cock too).

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