Ego Eraser/Pig Ritual

This Pig Ritual isn’t just hypnosis, this is much more. It’s a complete play session. It’s also a standalone Ego Eraser / Pig session, so it doesn’t matter if you listened to the other files or not. This file combines a task while you are still awake, a trance, and more tasks in a waking trance, with a lot of pleasure and brainwashing. It’s a concept I wanted to try and my little pigs get it first.

Unlike the other Ego Eraser / Pig files, this file only crushes your ego for the rest of the day. For this file you need a pen that works on skin and is easy to wash off, paper and a pen to write on paper, if you don’t want to use the same one that you use on your skin.

This is a long and very interactive file. There is a short mix where most of the tasks are cut out – but that one is still 94 minutes, and the full version (for really devoted pigs) is almost 3 hours long. The short version has almost all of the writing assignment and the chanting cut out, as it’s more a test version without the brainwashing aspect. This is an intense break from being in control, so you will experience a complete loss of control and extreme humiliation with lots of pleasures.

This file isn’t for everyone. Be careful. Like all the Ego Eraser / Pig files, it’s designed to make you feel utterly humiliated and worthless. Listen at your own risk!

Listen to this Hypnosis for free now!

You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

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