The Edge – Level I

The Edge – Level I is the first file of a edging series. It’s very unusual for me, as in this series you’re actually forgoing your orgasm for me (for everyone who want’s to do it with their dom – I have quite a few files for that already).

The series will be a collection of different files, so everyone can mix & match their perfect edging experience. There will be:

– Basic files like this. This is the first level, and there is no orgasm control. Later files might have orgasm control to help you with your edging, and might slowly limit orgasms more and more.

– Training files: Something using your aroused state for training, for example submission, or just becoming a better subject…

– Loop Files: Files you listen to while edging. Later files might contain specific training.

For safety reasons, you have to write “I’m on the edge” on a piece of paper, and “Level” with a little bit of space behind it. This is your commitment or contract if you like. Every time you listen to a basic file, you can add your level (in tally marks) behind it, and that will be the moment you subconscious mind knows that you accept the level and it will go active. And if you want to get out, all you have to do is tear up the piece of paper, and all effects will be gone permanently.

This is the first level, it mainly explains the process, sets the safeties, and gives you a strong desire to wait for your orgasm.

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