Dumbing Down 2023

Recently I got a lot of feedback for my dumbing down series that got me thinking about it again. And it’s an interesting one, because it’s among my most extreme files. Maybe not in themes, but in being uncompromising. There aren’t any of my usual safeties. And it’s also among my oldest files still online.

So I got thinking. How would dumbing down look (and sound) today, 15 years or so later. With a lot more experience and much better equipment. With much more understanding on how to layer complex files so they still work.

Well, here it is. Dumbing Down 2023.

Listen in the background while you do things, listen while you pleasure yourself, listen while you get dumb.

Note: This is a dumbing down file. Like in the classic files there aren’t any of my usual safeties. It only serves one goal – to dumb you down.

Again: This is neither safe or sane. It will dumb you down. Be sure its what you want. And that you can afford being dumb.

This will only (fully) work if listened through (decent) headphones. Make sure the left and right channel are not switched. 

Listen to this Hypnosis for free now!

You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

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  1. Brittany
    Brittany says:

    Out of curiosity, is this file designated to do everything the classic ones did in a single package? Or is it just the idea of “be dumber with no safeties” with a more modern execution?

  2. Slutty girl
    Slutty girl says:

    When I started listening, I felt very warm, and my breasts hurt. After a few minutes, if I opened my eyes, the room seemed to spin. I think it was my eyes that wouldn’t stop moving. Oh, I must have looked so dumb! Everything felt very good.

  3. caro
    caro says:

    thanks Vive for this new Opus
    could you explain how this new file works and what to expect more wrt the dumbing down series?

  4. Collie
    Collie says:

    Oh, for the want of an owner! I’d love to listen to this over and over until my mind was mush and all I’d ever be is a very dumb good dog for my mistress/master.

  5. Marcy
    Marcy says:

    Toy lissen 2 thish with mildròp from virtual desktopp head forn mm alot of time head feal soooooo goood goodnight

  6. Renard
    Renard says:

    Ooh wow another dumbing down uh file ,should we loops this 5 time like the old series or like as many as you want ? I’m on 12 file rn becuase I am so addicted to it and I wish to finish up these last two files and then move into to tihs

    • Bem
      Bem says:

      What do you notice,I sometimes for a fraction of time can’t some up words or think,it happens more often that I don’t know what I was wanting to do I’m just empty for 5 or 10 seconds and get hard but I’m not dumb!

      • Renard
        Renard says:

        Uhm I also feel not headed and often I confused words or phrases like idk but also fel very horny to but also scars that I might be done but it’s fun now from this one I be feeling warm headed after just listening we can talk on my ig (@dogepudge23) if you want I can t post un the subreddit because idk how but def is real and AWESOME!

  7. Chandler
    Chandler says:

    been listening to this the past 3 days on loop for hours. it’s slowed down my brain, every looping session makes me more eager for the next. will keep updating

  8. Renard@dogepudge23
    Renard@dogepudge23 says:

    I tried to not use for couples aweek but teplaspted😽❤️🐺🐮🐯🦊 very strong stuf love it man!!!!!!!!

  9. dogged
    dogged says:

    just want to write this file is so nice…happy dumb horny dog here …on its way to be a dumbhorny dogtoy ..thank You Sir

  10. Renard@dogepudge23
    Renard@dogepudge23 says:


  11. CockWhoreshipper
    CockWhoreshipper says:

    I just finished the first loop and didn’t really feel dumb, but I see its harder to think now. If this is just one loop I want to know how it will be at the loop five. I want my brain turned to nothing. Smooth brain = happy brain

  12. BigPigSlave
    BigPigSlave says:

    Thoroughly enjoying getting dumber and mindless. Goals to become so dumb that I’m perfectly vulnerable and easy to use by others for their own pleasure. Thank you!


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