In the Doghouse

This is a guided fantasy and a classic mc (mind control) story. You’re send to visit this strange aunt (which you never seen and heard of before – so what could go wrong?) and she will trick you into a mental (there is no physical part here) transformation into a dog. The focus of this fantasy is on the slow transformation from human mind to dog mind. The whole story from the perspective of the victim so you won’t be aware of most of the manipulation that happens to you but of the effects as your mind begins to change…

As it’s an oldschool mc story it contains a lot of manipulation, humiliation (as far as you consider dog like behaviour humiliating) and a sexual encounter with a real dog. The story ends with being auctioned off…

There are two versions of this file!

The “Fantasy Version” just wakes you up and you will remember everything that happens like a dream and will be completely back to normal.

The “Transform Version” leaves you in a waking trance and in the dog mind. The first person you encounter will become your new owner, the person who bought you in the auction. You will be focused on them and obey all dog commands they give you without hesitation. You return to normal when you are ready or when you next sleep.

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  1. Jamie
    Jamie says:

    Me and my boyfriend love this recording, He treats me exactly like the aunt in this file. He feeds me from a bowl, I wear a collar at all times and he walks me on a leash, We practice dog obedience calls and he has even got a dog cage/carrier for the back of his car so I can go places as a dog. This file helps me remember these things when he’s away. Thank you Vive!


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