Deep Waking Trance: Cat

This file will completely transform you into a cat for one hour after listening. It will guide you into a deep trance and help you pack away all of your human memories. For the transformation you will imagine your ideal cat body, and then experience it. Once you get out of this trance, these experiences will be all the memories you have. You will be a cat for one hour, before completely waking up and reverting back to your normal human self.

This is a very deep waking trance. It’s something best left to experienced hypnotees. Allow for some time after the trance to fully wake up, before you do anything that requires your full attention (participating in traffic, operating machines,…) or do it in the evening so you can sleep afterward.

This is the sixth entry in the “Deep Waking Trance” series: Part 1: ObeyPart 2: ZombiePart 3: 3 year oldPart 4: Owned; Part 5: Dog

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