Another nice little play trigger… Listening to this file intensifies the sensations of safety and relaxation you feel when you are being cuddled, petted or scratched.

As soon as you’re being petted, you will start becoming very relaxed, your mind quieting down, and your body becoming warm and relaxed, almost as if you were back in a deep trance… your mind will become emptier and emptier, and your body relaxes more and more the more you’re being cuddled… You will also start to feel more and more submissive to the person petting and cuddling you…

This file is especially good for d/s relations with a pet dynamic (not necessarily normal petplay, but also for very cuddly subs)… The longer you’re being cuddled and petted, the deeper you will sink into this submissive mindset, and the longer it will take to return to normal… You will gradually return completely back to normal, over an amount of time nearly ten times as long as you spent being cuddled and petted.

There is also a cut version without the submissive side, just enhancing your enjoyment of being cuddled, petted, and scratched!

Listen to this Hypnosis for free now!

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