Control your eyes

You’re going to have to control your eyes.

This file will make it so you can only look at a woman’s face or feet. That’s right, you will be forced to behave like a gentleman and control your eyes.

Whenever you try to check her out, trying to look at her breasts, behind or sex, you will feel naked and your face will flush red. If you try to talk to her afterwards, you will just stammer and stumble. But when you only look at her face (or feet) while interacting with a woman, it will make you feel really good, happy, and aroused. You will feel really good about yourself.

The only exception for the rule is when a woman verbally (?) gives you permission to watch her. She has to express it; you can’t just assume it. And when a woman does so, it will be really amazing, as you won’t be as desensitized as you are now.

This is a curse, listen at your own risk

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