Collar of Obedience

This collar hypnosis recording is a curse that will make you incredibly obedient to the person who collared you.

Whenever you are wearing your collar, you will become obedient to the person that collared you. If you try to fight the orders they give you, an inner pressure to obey will build up, forcing you to follow their orders. If you obey the orders they give you, the curse will make it really pleasurable and rewarding. Over time these rewards and punishments will condition you to be more and more obedient to them.

Even though this curse is only active when you wear it – it’s a curse. Be sure you want it and you can trust the person who collared you.

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  1. Williams
    Williams says:

    I tried this with my wife. She is the one who collared me. Will this make Sudo more effective? I have enjoyed obeying her.


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