I need Chastity

This free hypnosis recording will force you to wear a chastity device.

And you will need your device after you listen to this. Imagine every time you’re not wearing your device, you feel completely naked, exposed, and vulnerable. The sensation of being naked will be more intense than if you were completely exposed and naked. And you will that way whenever you’re around people. You need your chastity device to keep you safe and make you feel confident. And that’s why you always want to wear it.

This file is designed to have permanent effects. It will force you to wear a chastity device or feel incredibly vulnurable and exposed. This is evil emotional manipulation. Be absolutely sure you want to be forced to permanently wear the device. Listen at your own risk. You have been warned.

I have lot’s of files that allow you to experience orgasm denial in safer ways.

Listen to this Hypnosis for free now!

You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

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  1. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    Great file; this is saving me from the short freak outs and mental strife I usually endure in chastity. It alms me right down

    I would say this file is very different from most chastity files-which seek to arouse.

    This one calms things down for me-someone locked and kinda new to it.

    I’m also glad you didn’t bind the listener to you.

    I wished the file had at least one script binding me to my keyholder, or another file like that.

    Love your work,

    I contacted you several years ago and was getting addicted, had to stop. . .

    Had to come back


  2. Ladyboy
    Ladyboy says:

    I love this file. Listened 4 times, and now I can’t live without my tiny chastity cage.
    When its on me, I feel so relaxed. Now I really want to wear it all the time and I proud of it.
    Thanks <3

  3. james perrin
    james perrin says:

    I love chastity, I love my cock lock a way, I been locked since 12 -31-19 pleasing my master, he says I suck cock better this way

    • Vive's Piggy
      Vive's Piggy says:

      Awww poor wannabe chaste boy… Do you think if you found a Keyholder they would really allow you your freedom back after a month or two….? If you were caged by me you’d be lucky to be allowed out for a tease session never mind cumming even once a month…

      If you are too scared to embrace the experience of being a locked up little boy and you really wanted to just dip your toe you could do this on a curse string… but you know you really want to experience it fully right? otherwise why would you be looking at this file


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