Chastity A.I.

Chastity A.I. will upgrade your chastity device with an AI. Don’t worry, it’s not a terminator or the perfect digital dominatrix. It’s more like a little pet.

Just imagine it. Your chastity belt is your new pet. And of course it wants you to play with it – to wear it. And it communicates with you purely through emotions, making you feel guilty if you ignore it too long, and making you happy when you spend time with it.

And as a little special: Have you ever noticed how the character of pets is often influenced by it’s owner? This will be the same, I don’t suggest any specific behavior. So how your “pet” will behave is completely up to you…

This is slightly inspired by the “Dildo Dominant” series. 

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  1. Jakob
    Jakob says:

    Hi, thank you so much for making this! I’ve been needing a reason to stay caged, and this file really helped me. I love my cage now, and I never want to take it off, it feels so good! Thank you!


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