The Charger

The Charger is a little objectification trigger that turns you into a sextoy. And you will be transformed by a (former) sextoy that will become your charger that transforms you into a sextoy.

Just imagine that you’re just a sextoy. And when you use your charger, it will instantly fill you with lust and desire. All your human thoughts, cares, stresses, and worries will simply melt away, leaving you with only one desire: to fulfill your function as a sextoy and give pleasure. And the longer you charge yourself, the more your sextoy side will take over your mind.

You need to choose a sextoy you want to use as your charger (and trigger). This toy will become a lot more intense for you, and every time you use it you will slowly transform into a sextoy. As a sextoy you charge up with pleasure so you can give pleasure, and your arousal will drive you to give orgasms instead of craving one for yourself.

You will revert to normal after you fulfilled your function, or once two hours have passed you will revert slowly during the next hour. There are of course safeties in case of anything unexpected happening.

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