Butt Sniffer

So you want something evil, huh?

This recording will turn you into a little butt sniffer. Yeah, like a horny little doggy in heat. Every attractive person you encounter will give you the burning need and desire. And the more attractive they are – the stronger it will be. The more you will be filled with these shameful compulsions, fueling your humiliation… but also your heat.

Just a little shameful need for you to enjoy. Or to be humiliated by.

Or maybe you just want to be more of a butt sniffer?

Whatever’s your motivation – after you listen to this, you will know the need. The need and craving to sniff any attractive persons butt. And the inability to scratch this itch. Enjoy.

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  1. George
    George says:

    Wow! Just wow! This is an incredibly manipulative file… but what an amazing file it is!

    Instantly after listening, I had thoughts of sniffing my partners butt… and sure enough, as soon as I saw here I ran up and put my face in her butt!

    I can’t resist! It’s just an urge I can’t shake off, she doesn’t know I listened to the file, but she did say “since when have you become a butt sniffer”!

    Before this file I’ve never ever had this compulsion, now however, I guess I’m just a happy horny little butt sniffer and I love it!

  2. Chris
    Chris says:

    Wow, I’m with George.

    My wife loves to fuck up my cock in different ways. She’s been having me listen to this file pretty much since it came out, and I’ve probably gone under for it a dozen times. It had definitely had an effect all by itself, making me wonder how it would feel to sniff her butt. To sniff butts in general. I could picture myself kneeling behind her to sniff, or getting down on all fours to sniff at seated butt. But I guess I had a little willpower. I hadn’t actually done it.

    Last night in bed, she was laying down and surprised me by pushing herself into a doggy style position on her hands and knees, and told me that, if I was horny, I could do anything I wanted… And boy, was I horny in a hurry. At first, I thought we’d just fuck. I love taking her from behind but she rarely offers me the chance. But she said “anything” and for a moment I wondered if that meant she wanted me to have her butt instead. But I never got any further with that idea, because as soon as I thought “butt” and saw her lifted butt, I realized I was already on all fours myself, sniffing away. I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t stop it.

    She told me I was a good boy and asked me if I loved sniffing her butt and I nearly shouted yes. She pushed it back against my face. I couldn’t think of anything else because I’m a butt sniffer and I was sniffing my favorite butt in the world. She told me I still had a chance to fuck her, but I know she was just teasing me because I wasn’t going to stop sniffing her butt. I’m never going to stop sniffing butts. She let me get myself off while I sniffed her butt. It’s the best I’ve ever cum.

  3. Chris J.
    Chris J. says:

    Different Chris than above, lol. There are so many of us…

    Anyway. Vive, I’ve enjoyed a few of your files in the past, although I’ve never thought of myself as a real submissive. I never thought I’d want to feel ashamed or humiliated, either. I don’t know why I downloaded this file and listened to it, or why I’ve been listening to it day after day.

    I’ve always been an ass man, Vive. I’ve always looked at sexy girls’ butts and fantasized about them. But now I can’t stop thinking about getting down on my hands and knees and stuffing my face between their cheeks. I can’t imagine ever asking a girl to let me do it. It’s dirty and shameful, and it feels humiliating even thinking about it. But I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop getting hard thinking about it. About how I’m not really an “ass man” after all…

    …I’m a butt sniffing little bitch.

    thank you, Vive…


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