Boxershorts Magic

Ever wanted to have a cock? This will allow you to feel a cock and balls every time you wear boxershorts (or any male underwear) as well as have all the psychological effects from it. Don’t let it make you too cocky…

This file will give you a trigger that makes you vividly feel your cock and balls every time you wear any male underwear (not just boxershorts). You will feel your package moving with every step, always reminding you it’s there.

Of course you also feel all the psychological and emotional effects from it. Just look at the effect wearing a strap on has. Can you imagine how intense it’s going to be if you really vividly feel your package? Not just a rubber cock, your own cock. You will feel strong, powerful, and in control, and overall behave a lot more stereotypical male. If you’re not careful and let it go to your head, maybe even a bit like a macho man.

Some more thoughts: This is the reverse version of the common “you have a pussy” feminization file, and just like those make you stereotypically feminine, this makes you stereotypicaly masculine. It’s not just about feeling the cock, but also feel like a strong, confident, and powerful man. I left it pretty much up to you what the rest of the male stereotypical behavior is, so it will feed of your definition. And like most men have learned to control these behaviors, you will have to learn to deal with it too. It’s part of the experience. Be stronger than your urges and desires, or you might turn into a macho man.

As I wanted it to be a complete experience, it also contains all the drawbacks. You have to be careful to not squish your balls when you sit down, knee, crouch,… You will feel it rubbing against your clothes with every move, distracting you with the stimulation and keeping you aware of your package. And then of course… you might feel an erection when you become aroused. Imagine it happening in public, and you just know everyone can see your bulge…

All the aspects of having a cock. Have fun with it.

Read this: This file uses gender neutral terms for the listener. There are safeties. If you have to revert back you will do so, even wearing the male underwear. You will also revert before you do something really stupid if you go full macho. Start experimenting with it in safety and with safe people who ideally even know what’s going on. Take it slow. It can be very intense. Be safe.

This is part seven of my “Magic” series: Part 1 – Magic CagePart 2 – Magic MaskPart 3 – Magic RopePart 4 – Magic BoxPart 5 – Diaper MagicPart 6 – Magic Panties; Part 7 – Magic Touch

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