Bearer of Shame – Level 3 – Public Humiliation

This is the task for Level 3 of the Bearer of Shame Series. It’s another public humiliation task.

You have to listen to this outdoors. Somewhere with many people around you. Maybe find cafe or coffee-shop, maybe a bench in a park or public place. And then you put your earphones in and listen to the recording.

I’m sure by now you have a good idea what to expect, my little bearer of shame. I’m going to tell you what a pathetic little bearer of shame you are. I’m going to push your training further… and all of that while you’re out in public.

Now don’t worry, my little pet. I won’t expose you. You know that your weakness is all mine. The world is only allowed to see your strength. And yet you will have my voice in your mind while you’re outside, telling you that you’re just a dumb little bitch in heat.

The real question is – do you think your subconscious mind understands it? Understands that you are wearing earplugs and nobody else can hear my voice? Or will it perceive it as public training, with hundreds of witnesses, even though they couldn’t hear it?

Are you ready to take the next step in your training, my little bearer of shame?

Download it here so you can take it outdoors with you.

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6 replies
  1. dumbfuck
    dumbfuck says:

    Nothing makes my clit throb like listening to Mr. ViVe dress me down while i’m out in the “general public” (shiver) LOVE these public Bearer of Shame tasks!! Well, if i’m being honest i’ve loved
    all of the BoS files!

  2. Abby
    Abby says:

    PLEASE continue this series. PLEASE. It’s the one I look forward to the most and check back on this website every week or so to see if the next video/update has been recorded


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