Bearer of Shame – Level 1 Graduation Task – Control

This is going to be your final task in level 1, and your first step into control. Or maybe just a little teaser to make you wet and drooling for the training in level 2?

For your graduation of level 1 I have a little guided masturbation for you. Now, you only get your obedience trigger in level 2 which means I can’t yet force you into mindless obedience and compliance- Nevertheless I expect you to be a good bearer of shame and obey my instructions precisely and enthusiastically.

This is what your level 1 graduation is all about, little girl. It’s about demonstrating your natural obedience. About showing me what a good little girl you can be. Because I’m going to use the obedience to associate it with pleasure, creating the perfect conditions in your mind to install your control trigger in level 2. And as a little reward you are even allowed to have an orgasm while under my control.

Before you listen to this file, make sure your room is warm enough to stay naked for maybe 20 minutes. And make sure that you’re still dressed when you start to listen to this recording. This is important, little girl. You’re not allowed to start this recording when you are naked.

Before you listen to your graduation recording for level 1, you should have listened to “Bearer of Shame – Level 1”, trained with the “Bearer of Shame – Level 1 – Masturbation Loop” at least 5 times, and finished you task “Bearer of Shame – Level 1 Task – Public Humiliation”.

Finishing this task with an orgasm during the time window allows you to graduate to “Bearer of Shame – Level 2”.

And because you’re such good little bearers of shame, I want to give you a little preview. In level 2 I begin to install a control trigger in your mind, that will make you helplessly obedient. And yet that’s only the first step for this trigger. During the next six levels you get mentally collared and cuffed, and every piece of your bonds will symbolize the binding of parts of your mind. Let me give you a little teaser:

Level 2: Temporary Collar – Binding the will / control

Level 3: Left wrist cuff – binding the confidence / sense of self

Level 4: Right wrist cuff – binding the strength

Level 5: Left ankle cuff – binding the intelligence / ability to make decisions

Level 6: Right ankle cuff – binding the independence

Level 7: Permanent Collar – Complete possession

Oh yes, little girl. In level 7 you will completely become owned. And then it’s time to really start controlling your pleasure. But that’s going to far ahead of ourselves, isn’t it. First you have to be domesticated into a good, obedient little pet. And then it’s playtime.

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