Beta Girl

This is a fantasy in which you will be my little beta girl.

This is a self contained, choose your own duration mind fuck.

This is intense humiliation and degradation.

So you’re curious about being my little beta girl? Let me give you a little taste. Let me show you what a worthless little beta girl like you will never experience. Let me guide you trough a vivid fantasy of being my live in beta girl. Of course, as a beta girl it’s not your place to serve me sexually. You are a beta girl. You were not meant for sex. You can only serve a man with your work.

Of course that doesn’t mean you don’t crave the sex. When you’re alone in your room in the evening, knowing I have fun with my slave girls in the bed you made for us. And you can be sure you will be cucked hard. And then I leave you with a burning desire to experience it again. Craving to be my little beta girl. Craving to serve me. Craving for me to notice you. Maybe writing feedback and telling me what a good beta girl you are? Because you might get a pat on the head. Or even better, put in your place.

Before you listen to this recording you have to draw a lowercase beta ” β “ onto your skin. The curse part will be active as long as the beta is on yours skin. You can refresh it, but once it fades, all the effects from the file will be gone.

While you are wearing the beta on your skin and you are my little beta girl, you can also listen to the “beta girl loop”. It will put you back into the mindset of being my beta girl. And you can use it for a lot of different things, little beta girl. You can use it to remind you who you are while you are jilling off. You can train yourself while browsing porn. Or use it while you are cleaning and imagine you’re working as my little beta girl, cleaning for me. I’m sure you will find the right way for you to use it. And that you won’t get too addicted to it.

There is a “Headphone Version” and a “Stero Version” for you to download. The headphone version is more hypnotic and meant to be listened via headphones, the simple version if for playing over speakers, especially while doing other things like cleaning.

You can choose between the “Leash Induction” for a quicker induction, or the “Fractionation Induction” for a deeper mindfuck.

Read this: This recording is very intense and in parts almost cruel. It contains heavy humiliation and degradation. You are treated as a beta girl that’s not good enough to fuck and can only provide service through work. There is intense cuckqueaning.

This should stay reserved for the most extreme humiliation sluts. If you don’t have experience in humiliation – I have other files for you to start with.

Listen to this Hypnosis for free now!

You like what you hear? Please keep in mind that this really takes a lot of time and efford. If you want to support me, please visit my profle at PATREON and help me too keep Vive Hypnosis alive!

About the file:

This is something I wanted to create for quite a while. There are a gazillion “beta boi” files out there, but nothing for the beta girls. And as you might know, I love gender equality. Especially in kinky inequality. Everybody should be equally inequal, you know?

The big problem however is that it’s a fetish that’s almost tailor made for abusive assholes to abuse. If you just train someone to be a beta girl in this extreme definition, it’s more or less a question of when, not if someone abuses it. And responsible doms who want to keep a sub that vulnurable safe are sadly relatively rare.

So I turned it into a fantasy, with an optional curse part. As long as you keep the beta on your skin, you can feel the effects. But it’s only focused on me, and on fantasizing to be my little beta girl.

And once it’s gone from your skin, the trip is over. And nobody can take advantage of you.

15 replies
  1. Onyx
    Onyx says:

    Hi Sir, This piggy has been a bearer of shame from the start and on seeing the file description piggy knew she had to do this in order to help find a suitable place for such a pathetic female. Piggy listened and it left her in a submissive haze of arousal and humiliation, craving to be able to serve Sir in any way possible.
    Piggy is so grateful that Sir thought about the beta girls out there, all of us pathetic sluts who aren’t worthy of your time and was generous enough to give us inferior women this file to help us find our true place.
    Piggy knows she is worthless and is very grateful that Sir took the time to record this file. Piggy doesnt expect or even hope that Sir pays this post any attention, piggy knows that is still too good for her. Piggy hopes to be your Beta girl and bearer of Shame for a long time to come, and hopefully eventually piggy will serve and suffer enough for Sir to bring him some pleasure

      • Onyx
        Onyx says:

        It was Sir, piggy is very appreciative of the effort Sir put in thinking of the betas.
        Piggy has gone on to become one of Sir’s first female eunuchs and piggy must say it fits in well with the beta girl, you know you wont be used sexually so there is no harm in sacrificing it for your superiors.

        Thank you Sir

  2. Becca
    Becca says:

    Sir, Thank You so much for Your work! Every time You use that harsh, almost cruel, voice to degrade me i nearly cum. You calling me “stupid” makes my cunt leak. You telling me that i’m a pathetic, useless, unfuckable, cock-deflating porker\beta girl\pig… Gawd, it never fails to make my freakish humiliation craving cunt throb. my gut and boobs hang like a piggy and im too stupid to get off on anything except intense humiliation, degradation and the idea that im being laughed at. Please help me, my pea sized brain is to empty to help myself. i would cum in my pants if Your let me watch be while You fuck a girl worthy of Your cock!! Thank You again, Sir!

  3. Stella
    Stella says:

    What a trip. I don’t think i ever felt this humiliated and worthless. After the main file was over i was so desperately fucking horny it didn’t take long to start the loop (headphone version) and pleasure myself. I decided to have a rare indulge with this little gem and cracked open a bottle of poppers sometime during the second repetition. I was completely lost. I’m just an inferior beta girl.

    I pleasured myself for over two hours, but i did not dare to have an orgasm. I know i don’t deserve the pleasure.

  4. Stella
    Stella says:

    P.S. Right now i would give up my life in a heartbeat to be your live in beta girl. I would work hard night and day just to be rewarded by you telling me you never fuck me.

  5. beta girl
    beta girl says:

    I’m a worthless beta girl. I don’t deserve your cock. I don’t deserve orgasm. Thank you for teaching me my place.

    Thank you for making this, Sir. Thank you for considering us beta girls. I listened to many files for beta boys and imagined it with reversed genders, but it never really worked. But now there is a file for beta girls. And it’s amazing. Thank you, Sir.

    • Vive
      Vive says:

      Just a little beta girl!

      Pleasure. That was actualy the inspiration. That there are a gazillion beta boi files, but nothing for beta girls. Wasn’t sure if it finds an audience… but i guess it did!

  6. Mindless Fucktoy
    Mindless Fucktoy says:

    Sir, I’m just a beta girl. I know that I don’t deserve your attention. I’m worthless. I wish I was fucked. I know that I have to work hard to please you. And it starts today. I don’t deserve pleasure, nor orgasm. Thank you so much for showing me the way to become a better beta girl.

  7. Roxi Denied
    Roxi Denied says:

    I feel compelled to tell you just how much i love listening to your beta file. It helps me understand that i am just an unfuckable beta girl. my whole desire is to serve through being useful in hopes of earning praise.


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