Anal Desire

Anal Desire is a conditioning file that adds the desire to stimulate yourself / be stimulated anally. Whenever you are, you will feel intense pleasure, conditioning the desire deep into you. This will not detract from any other way of stimulation you enjoy, just give you the desire for anal stimulation. It will also give you a strong desire to experiment with it to get it started.

READ THIS: This file is a curse. Only listen if you want the desire for anal stimulation.

If you want more – check out: Anal Conditioning

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  1. vive enthusiast
    vive enthusiast says:

    OMG really really powerful file, I dropped so deep in trance it was an amazing experience. I’m new to anal and I just started experimenting and im really enjoying si i thought I should give this file a go since it’s a curse (permanent effect yay), hopefully it’ll help. Thank you Vive fo rthis amazing file

  2. Prince Thunder Spark
    Prince Thunder Spark says:

    Didn’t work on me fully the first time, but I hope with enough nightly listens, I’ll become the anal slut i want to be!

  3. Dani Keri
    Dani Keri says:

    Hi, I’m a huge fan but kinda shy.. This is my first comment after using your wonderful products for over a year(close to 2 years actually)

    This isnt the only file I listen to. There are quite a few that have helped me get to where I am today. Your files REALLY help with my day to day conditioning and I love your voice. So I guess i just wanted to say thank you SO much. You continue to make a significant impact on my life.

    Thank you, Dani


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