A simple trap for your mind

It’s nice to be simple, isn’t it? To just let go of all stress and cares and live in the moment.

The thing is – it’s also incredibly addictive. After all, being mindless is easy while thinking is effort. And once you start it and experience how good it feels to be all carefree and simple – of course it’s addictive. Of course you want more. It’s such a wonderfully self reinforcing thing.

So.. even though this is just a little loop – it will leave you confused and simple. In such a wonderfully blissful brainfog. Dumb and happy. Free of all cares and worries and just living in the moment. And there’s a good chance you will want more of it. So be careful. There’s no saying how dumb you would become if you listen too this too often.

This is one of the weirder recordings, as the subliminal content – even without being repeated in multiple layers – by far outweighs the audible content. The main track is actually more a distraction than anything else. The new pattern for the subliminals is an experimental approach, so feedback is especially welcome.

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  1. Evi
    Evi says:

    I liked the file a lot! The subliminals felt very effective, while the length and style of it made it hard to stop looping the track. Even now it’s a little difficult to focus on giving feedback and not dazing off. Hope to hear more of this kind of stuff.


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