7 Minute Chastity Bitch Breaker

AKA 7 long minutes in chastity hell

Well, I guess chastity bitches get a whole two extra minutes of attention. Just because you wear your cage for me. And it’s fun to make you twitch in your cage.

What can I say? Put on your cage, and listen. It’s just 7 minutes, right? You can do 7 minutes in a cage. While I tell you that you’re just a little chastity bitch. And make you suffer in your cage. But it’s just 7 minutes. You can endure that, can’t you?

Though… if you do this as a challenge, keep it on for an hour afterwards. You have that much self control, don’t you?

So you will be trained as a chastity bitch. And nicely mindfucked. And you will very likely end up very horny and hard in your little cage. Just for my amusement. But don’t worry, you can even pleasure yourself. You can touch everywhere you can. Don’t play with the cage though. Have at least a little bit of self respect.

So chastity bitch – are up for 7 short minutes?

The first version (FE) has a confusing field effect in the main track. This only works with headphones. If you can’t use headphones or it’s not yours, there is a second version without this effect.

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  1. Naospup
    Naospup says:

    I’m doing locktober, day 11 and I listen it…. It’s truly like 7 min in hell , but I like it a lot, so hot!!!!! Thank you vive for this humiliating and horny moment! I listen again and again


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